REVIEW: Tee Grizzley - Activated

tee-grizzley From a prison cell to the top of the charts, Tee Grizzley has solidified himself as a true force in the rap game. Grizzley fully embodies what it means to be aggressive, and his latest studio album Activated is nothing short of it.

With production from London on the Track, Choppasquad DJ &. Helluva, Grizzley came with his rugged street tales of life growing up in Detroit.

Tee Grizzley doesn’t allow you to ease into his album, he starts it off with this emotional record called “Activated” that explains his motivation to get to the money through some very colourful bars. As usual, the Detroit product sounds paranoid on his verses, prompting him to result to some pretty desperate measures if you cross his path.

"Set The Record Straight" comes with the Chris Brown assist, and is definitely one of the standout tracks in my opinion. It is a lot more tamed than his other featured track from Breezy, (Fuck it Off) with Grizzley focusing more on the harmonising and finagling than talking about strong material.

Overall, Tee Grizzley stuck with what he knows best, trap records but I was pleasantly surprised to see him use his vocals on records like "Time" featuring Jeezy.

Activated is nothing that we haven’t seen from Grizzley before. His sound is unique and remained consistent throughout this work. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for this Detroit rapper.