Album Review: Travis Scott - ASTROWORLD



Travis Scott has soared to prominence over the past few years, never really showing signs of slowing down since the release of his 2015 debut album Rodeo; a project I consider to be a true classic of it’s style. He has had multi-platinum selling hits, a number one album and a kid with Kylie Jenner since then.

I don’t think people realised quite how big of a deal Travis Scott really is until this album was announced. ASTROWORLD is upon us and it was time for Travis to really show what he could do.

Straight off the bat, this album had a big budget, that much is clear from the production line and the crazy feature list. Travis kept the features secret on the track listing which added an excitement factor when you heard some of the huge names stamp their mark on their respective songs. From Drake to Tame Impala, Stevie Wonder to Frank Ocean, and even James Blake to JUICEWRLD; there is no doubt that ASTROWORLD delivers in other areas beyond Travis Scott.

Frank Ocean’s hook on CAROUSEL is infectious and something unique, Drake brings his A-game to SICKO MODE and James Blake is wonderful on STOP TRYING TO BE GOD. Travis more than holds his own with these big names and announces himself as a bonafide superstar in some of the true highlights of the project.

Travis himself offers up some incredible vocal delivery on this album. Whether they be the great hooks on R.I.P. SCREW and 5% TINT, or the cold bars and flow he spits on SICKO MODE and HOUSTONFORNICATION, Travis shows how great of an all-round rapper he truly can be when he gets the formula right.

The best song on the album has to be NO BYSTANDERS with JUICEWRLD, it contains a hyped up hook where Travis insists on us to “Fuck the club up.” We also get BUTTERFLY EFFECT, his 2017 platinum selling single and it still sounds as huge as ever.

Instrumentally this album was always going to be super amped up and progressive. The beat switch ups on STARGAZING and SICKO MODE are immense, the Tame Impala/Pharrell Williams combination on the beat for SKELETONS is staggeringly good, and as for ASTROTHUNDER, well the production credits on there are a fever dream. John Mayer, Thundercat, BadBadNotGood and more work on that song and it is telling, the beat is wild and very futuristic.

All in all, this album was Travis Scott’s stage and moment to announce himself as one of the best in the world. Despite not knocking it completely out the park, La Flame showed why he is so idolised by many. His visions of how he wants his music to sound and appear is fascinating, with ASTROWORLD showing obvious signs of artistic progression from his last album.