Album Review: Summer Walker - Over It


The debut album from the Atlanta artist has finally arrived on all platforms. Her last effort ‘Last Day of Summer’ made noise with her R&B single ‘Girls Need Love’ that makes an appearance on this album with the remix of Drizzy Drake. Summer Walker talks about relationships and males as any R&B artist, however, where the lyrics come from seems to be a genuine place that connects with everyone. “Am I really that much to handle?” is the first line of the album that kind of sums up the theme of the album on ‘Over It’. The tempo might not change too much on this project but the lyrics make up for it as it will have many in their feelings. 

One thing about this album that catches my eye is the perfect names of features, even if they might not put their best foot forward. Summer drags out other popular R&B artists from their caves to serenade with her. Artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR on ‘Just Might’ or the legendary sample-mixed-feature with Usher on ‘Come Thru’ that takes the same melody of the vintage hit ‘You Make Me Wanna’. She also brings along Bryson Tiller who doesn’t show up on this one, he gives a half written verse that seems freestyled for the second half of the verse on the extended version of ‘Playing Games’.

Besides London On Da Track’s tag feeling completely out of place before the track starts, the beats are impressive at times. The sampling pays homage to classic R&B songs that influence the sound in this album. Summer doesn’t attempt to blend trap or reach with any other genre besides R&B and I appreciate that. 

Although 18 songs, each song on average is about 2 minutes and never overstay it’s welcome. The whole project is 49 minutes giving it a complete listening experience without boring out the listener. I don’t consider this her debut but I must say I’m impressed with the 23-year-old.