Tom Francis On Working With Snoop Dogg, Who Will Appear On His Next Album, And The Best Spot To Hit In LA


Rapper Tom Francis recently dropped his new single Lifestyle with Snoop Dogg. It's not every day that a New Zealander ends up working with the Dogg Father, so I hit Tom up to find out more about the music, how he connected with Snoop and LA life.

HUA: Hey Tom, how’s life treating you?
TF: Heelllaaa good!

HUA: Usually, when we speak, you’re in LA. Still there or back in New Zealand?
TF: I’m between LA & everywhere right now

HUA: You had a firewood business in the Hawkes Bay before jumping into the music scene. Did you always want to be a rapper, or did you realise one day you wanted a career change?
TF: Yeah for a while but people always tried to talk me out of it or downplay it saying rap wasn’t a real job and all that shit but whatever. Guess they were wrong

HUA: You've worked with a number of USA rappers over the last few years. Your debut album “Underestimated” included Joyner Lucas, Dizzy Wright, and Twista. Your second album “The Follow Up” included Royce Da 5’9. It’s not every day you have a rapper from New Zealand with features from top names. How did you lock those down?
TF: I made mad connects through people I knew in LA. It was really perfect timing with what I was aiming for & it's still happening that way now.

HUA: What’s Snoops creative process like? Were you in the studio with him when he recorded his verse or did he send it via email?
TF: Yeah we were in the studio & his process is a trip because I learned so much about how he records & techniques he uses which I didn’t understand or take note of before then which was crazy when you see it go down it's a different story.

HUA: What inspires you when you’re creating music?
TF: Everything. I get mad Inpso when someone says I can’t do something tho. I end up doing it & the song usually ends up being revolved around that person or subject.

HUA: When can we expect a new album?

HUA: Can you let slip who else will be featured apart from Snoop?
TF: Joyner for sure. I’ll let the rest roll out tho cuz there's some crazy ass shit in there.

HUA: You don’t need to say who it was, but what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in an LA studio?
TF: I got to witness some major major hits being made that most people in NZ listen to on the daily.

HUA: Best advice you’ve received from anyone you’ve worked with?
TF: Keep doing you & stay true to yourself regardless of how someone or other people want to change you. Don’t worry about the money focus on the music - Music first business second.

HUA: Who else would you love to work with?
TF: Kendrick, Eminem, Drake, Schoolboy Q, The Weekend the list goes on haha

HUA: What are your thoughts on Hip-Hop as a whole at the moment?
TF: I love it its free & people say & do what the fuck they want not what the labels want them to do. Let the kids do their thing. They could be doing way worse like robbing your house lol. Chill with the criticism.

HUA: What are you currently listening to?
TF: Nipsey, Eminem, Hit-boy, Boogie, Jay Rock, J.I.D, Mozzy, Floko beats.

HUA: Is In N Out Burger really that good?
TF: I don’t eat it at all no more lol only cause I’m on my healthy vibes right now but Whole foods buffet is the bizzo.

HUA: What’s your favourite place to hit in LA?
TF: Bossa Nova hands down

HUA: Anything else you want to plug, say or add?
TF: New song dropping every month on the first so watch out for that shit. We are also launching a new mixing platform for artists that want to get their songs mixed better than the standard. Hit my DM on Instagram @TomFrancisSound for beats & all that shit.

You can stream Tom's latest track Lifestyle featuring Snoop Dogg below.