Album Review: YG - 4REAL 4REAL


The 14-track project was initially a surprise release, scheduled for April 12th. However, tragedy struck in the hip hop community just a day before when news broke of fellow L.A. rapper,  Nipsey Hussle, being gunned down and killed. Feelings of grief and confusion flooded South L.A. and across the world. YG had lost a “brother from the other color” and was forced to deal with the new reality due to the loss of his close friend and mentor. 4REAL 4REAL was pushed back to May 24th.

Fast forward to Friday, May 24th as YG readies for a full official release of 4REAL 4REAL. The latest project marks YG’s 4th studio album. 4REAL 4REAL shows the versatility and genuine rawness of the L.A. rapper. Filled with notable bars with a witty play on words over catchy beats that fully show all parts of who YG is. The track “Hard Bottoms & White Socks” opens up 4REAL 4REAL and sets the tone. With the catchy hook, YG makes a claim, “Talkin' 'bout the West Coast, I'm the face of it. Gangster in designer clothes, I'm the face of it. I told them hoes to get low, I'm the face of it. I put on the bros, I'm the face of it. Drove the Maybach to the block, I'm the face of it. Dissin' all the opps, I'm the face of it. Hard bottoms, white socks, I'm the face of it. We gon' do this one for hip-hop ...” YG then shouts out his Nipsey Hussle, “When you think about the West, it's me and Nip, red and blue, n**** ...” The track is the perfect introduction to a well-composed album.

Up next is the braggadocios “Bottle Service.” YG talks about the lifestyles lives that come along with — well bottle service. “In the Dark” sits at track number three on 4REAL 4REAL. The track interpolates the 1984 Whodini classic “Freaks Come Out at Night” as YG lists what all he can do and does in the dark. Track 4hunnid - I mean track four is home for the single “Go Loko” featuring Tyga & Jon Z. The record is fun and a feel-good bop you can play while getting ready to go out or at the function.

Another single from 4REAL 4REAL, “Stop Snitchin” sits at track five. The record may seem like a steady fast old mantra, but this directly targeted the “viral social media rapper” Tekashi 6ix9ine. Back in November 2018, law enforcement issued an arrest warrant for the “viral social media rapper” for various counts of conspiracy, firearms, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering. He plead guilty in January 2019, along with a plea deal, making him a “snitch” by becoming a cooperative party for law enforcement. However, YG declared this is not beef, but just an observation presented by facts.

YG provides another gem for the function with “Do Yo Dance” featuring Kamaiyah, RJ, Mitch and Ty Dolla $ign. Smooth and the perfect track to two-step to or whatever your dance may be. At track twelve, “Her Story” featuring Day Sulan provides a mellow history- her story as YG passes the mic and lets Day Sulan take the reins. With track thirteen, “My Last Words” the marathon continues. “My Last Words” is meaningful as YG features his last word to his aforementioned “brother from the other color,” the late Nipsey Hussle. To conclude, this composition is the “Stop Snitchin” featuring DaBaby [Remix].

4REAL 4REAL is an album that plays on the strengths of YG. The talent and relatability of the rapper are throughout the project. 4REAL 4EAL is named accurately, as it is real and raw. It is full of various stories of life that embody each emotion, that come together and send a more important message. Check out 4REAL 4REAL the album by YG created “in loving memory of Nipsey Hussle” available on all streaming platforms.