EP Review: Future - Save Me


Future`s career has reached its plateau, he is still relevant, scoring hits & is undoubtly on the current rap gods as many artists have repurposed bits of his style. After the release of Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRDFuture’s first full-length studio album since 2017’s dual chart-toppers FUTURE and HNDRXX, isn't the first time you sense the relentlessly productive and innovative artist might be treading water.

In Save Me unlike his previous releases Future`s growth & progression is evident as his beat selection is less of what he usually picks, and his lyrical content is more mature as he opens up about his difficulty in maintaining a relationship. The production is 90`s R&B sample based & consistently beautiful, conjuring the familiar Future Moods: rain-streaked neon signs, drug-induced stupors inside of clubs at 3 a.m. If you are content to live inside this lonely little world Future has made, he is still keeping it nice for you.
Songs that stand out the most from the Save Me Extended Play project are “Xanax Damage”, “Xtra” & “Love Thy Enemies” as they give you a glimpse into the new sound Future is currently pioneering & evolving into. The half-hearted villain opens up about how Ciara was not considerate of how he felt when they were together, with lyrics in “Love Thy Enemies” saying “tracing back the orbit to where we met, you wasn`t considerate to how l was feeling”. This project is one of his most memorable & most definitely will be a fan favourite.

In conclusion Future shows the world he is here to stay & will be here for a very long time.