A$AP Rocky Being Held In Rough Jail Conditions


A$AP Rocky remains behind bars over his alleged involvement in a Stockholm street brawl.

Now, TMZ reports that the 30-year-old rapper is being held in a Swedish jail with “shockingly inhumane conditions.” According to their sources with direct knowledge of Rocky’s situation, there is “wretched” food and facilities that are not fit for human beings.

Rocky is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets. The prisoner in the cell next to him reportedly has severe mental issues and slams his head against the wall and hurls feces, which are not cleaned up.

If that wasn’t enough, the facility is filthy and “disease ridden.” The water is supposedly not safe for drinking and the food is not edible. For the first five days, Rocky only ate an apple a day.

Rocky is being held in custody for two weeks while prosecutors decide whether to charge him for aggravated assault stemming from the street brawl, despite video showing the alleged victim harassing and attacking Rocky.

When a foreigner like Rocky is arrested, he has a right to immediately see an official from the U.S. Consulate. He reportedly asked for the meeting, but when the official arrived at the detention center to meet him, he was denied access.

Sources tell TMZ that the U.S. official believes he was denied access because Swedish officials did not want him to see the conditions inside the jail.

The consulate official was eventually allowed to see him two days later in the presence of two Swedish guards. Rocky and the official could not have a private conversation and they believe it was “a clear intimidation tactic.”

Rocky’s team is now trying to get the State Department to intervene. Sweden’s Supreme Court on Tuesday (July 9) rejected an appeal after a district court decided that Rocky should be kept in custody while prosecutors investigate the June 30 incident.

Rocky’s manager took to Instagram to update the fans on the situation, and shared how fans can sign the petition to have Rocky removed from prison.

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Friends - We are currently in Stockholm where Rocky is being detained for operating in self-defense following an altercation that occurred on 6/30, when Rocky, his bodyguard and two performers were harassed and physically assaulted by a group of men in the area. The conditions of the facility are horrific and include 24/7 solitary confinement, restriction of amenities for the most basic of human functions, lack of access to life sustaining food as well as unsanitary conditions. Video footage shows the assailants following Rocky, while he pleads to them that he does not want any issues. Rocky volunteered to go to police for questioning. Rocky and his colleagues were arrested on-site. On the day of his arrest, I spoke with the U.S. Embassy Consult who informed me that his request to visit Rocky was rejected by police, which violates article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which Sweden is a signatory. Since, he has been allowed to visit with a U.S. Embassy Consult and attorney, but only in the presence of Swedish officials. It is troubling and worrisome that the laws are not being applied equally. Sadly, it appears the prosecutor in this case is looking for his own recognition by trying to make a name for himself based on Rocky’s global fame. On Monday, we filed an appeal with the Swedish Supreme Court to have Rocky released from the inhumane conditions and the clear violation of human rights. They rejected the filing, which means Rocky will remain in prison for two weeks. The prosecutor on the case has further communicated that he is working to receive an additional two week extension for a trial to begin in mid - to end of August. For a man that has not been proven guilty to go through these conditions, while visiting a country to headline their festival, is troublesome. To keep Rocky and his colleagues in jail is punishment before due process. Please support us by joining the #JusticeForRocky movement and sign our petition. Link in bio. Thank you for hearing our story and keeping it front of mind. JE

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In the meantime, fans and friends have taken to social media to show their support, including A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q, G-Eazy, and Tyler, the Creator, who tweeted, “no more sweden for me, ever.”